Sport in Brest

Brest has always been in a good shape and now more and more often it becomes a host of various international competitions. There are a lot of sports facilities and playgrounds for the competitions of the highest level here. Great masters in various kinds of sport have grown up here. The names of the athletes from the city of Brest have become known all over the world. Today they are our pride:

Sergey Makarenko (1960 Olympic champion in Rome, Canoe Sprint). Yuliya Nesterenko (2004 Olympic champion in Athens in the women’s 100 meters, Honored Master of Sports of Belarus). Lubov Cherkashina (multiple silver and bronze medalist at the world championships in rhythmic gymnastics, 2012 Olympic bronze medalist). Natalia Gelakh (Honored Master of Sports of Belarus, the bronze medalist of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, rowing); Julia Bichik (bronze medalist ot the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, rowing). Sergei Martynov (Belarus, Merited Master of Sports, 2000 Olympic bronze medalist in Sydney, silver medalist of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, shooting bullet).

Sports objects

Today’s Olympic hopes have received many unique modern complexes, playgrounds and palaces for training including:

HC Meshkov BrestBrest regional center at Olympic reserve in team sports “Victoria” named after A Meshkov (4 Leningradskaya Str., tel.: +375162 47 63 36). It hosts different sport events and competitions of national and international levels.

“Stroitel” stadium (2a Leningradskaya Str., tel. +375 162 20 73 73).

Brest regional center of Olympic Rowing Reserve (2 October Revolution Str., tel.: +375 162 48 67 50). It has a length of 2350 m. It is one of the top three in Europe. It was opened in May 2007. in 2009 Brest hosted the European Championship in rowing, a year later the race of the World Championship among juniors.

Brest Ice Palace, Brest Hockey Club (151 Moskovskaya Str., tel.: +375 162 42 91 86, +375 162 42 72 18, +375 162 41 92 51). it was opened on June 30, 2000 on the picturesque bank of the Mukhavets for the fans of hockey, figure skating and just skates. Its stands were designed for 2 000 spectators.

Track and Field Arena (151 Moskovskaya Str., tel: +375 162 41 29 84) with the total area of 10,000 square meters, it is located next to the ice Palace. There is a baseball stadium not far from it (149 Moskovskaya Str.).

At the crossroads of Moskovskaya Str. and Republic Ave. there is an Archery Field (271/1 Moskovskaya Str.).

Brest Regional Olympic Center of Water Kinds of Sport (147 Moskovskaya Str., tel.: +375 162 41 21 84, +375 16241 11 66). Sports multicomplex of international standards has completed the formation of a new sports center in Brest.

FC Dinamo BrestRegional Sport Complex “Brest” (9 Gogol Str., tel: +375 162 20 84 56, +375 162 20 84 59). Is the main football and track and field arena for 10 000 fans.

Karting Stadium (tel.: +375 162 95 93 29) in Red Yard near Brest was created for the lovers karts and ATVs.

Swimming pool “Neptune” (10 Vorovsky Str., tel.: +375 162 20 42 13).

“FOK” (348/3 Moskovskaya Str., tel.: +375 162 42 75 73).

OIympic Centre of Equestrian Sport (15 Republic Ave., tel.: +375 162 48 40 95).

There is also an ice stock site in amusement park “May, 1st” for the lovers of this (new in Brest) kind of sport. On June 28, 2013 there was the first international ice stock tournament.

“BrestBikeFest” is one of the largest gatherings of bikersin the CiS. It is also held in Brest and it gathers together about 5000 participants from the CiS countries and Europe annually. The test is included in the calendar of events of the European Federation Gold Wing.

Velocity. Brest joined this project in 2013. About 1500 people took part in the first international cycle festival “Brest-995” in 2014.

Pleasure boat “Grodno” sets off in its voyages during the navigation period from the embankment named after Francis Skoryna (river port “Brest” of Beiarusian River Shipping, 5 lnternatsionainaya Str., tel.: +375 162 22 10 76). There is also the “Young Sailors Center” not tar from the wharf (102/1 Shevchenko Str., tel.: +375 162 20 38 21). It was opened on June 30, 1988. Its fleet is moored nearby.

Lokomotiv Stadium (3 Tichaya Str., tel.: +375 162 27-31-97, +375 162 27 24 90).

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