The Museum of Battle Glory of Brest Border Group (90 Heroes of Brest fortress Str.). Here you can see the exhibits telling the story from the birth of the border troops in 1918 to the present days. Today’s soldiers in green service caps follow the sacred tradition of courage and continue the glorious history of the Brest border guard named after F. Dzerzhynski. The restored cable-stayed bridge across the Western Bug opened one of the most popular tourist routes on February 19. 2013. About 40 fortifications of the XlX-XXth centuries are located on the island.

A memorial plaque was installed in 1965 on the building which had been constructed on the site of the former regional recruiting office (3 Dzerzhynski Str.). Commanders and soldiers of the Brest regional recruiting office under the leadership of Major M. Stafeev repulsed the attacks of Nazis on the first day of the Great Patriotic War. The fighting at Brest railway Station is written as a separate line in the heroic defense of Brest, where Nazi attacks were repulsed for weeks by the workers of the linear police department of Brest station under the leadership of A. Vorobyov. The plaques in memory of these events were installed on the station building in 1964.

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